Consulting Hours Mo - Sa, 9am - 9pm  

Address Neustiftgasse 3, 1070 Vienna  


Einzelstunde (55 Min): 100 Euro 

Doppelstunde (2 x 55 Min): 180 Euro

Block of three Single Sessions: 270 Euro

The goal of the sessions is to start with a conversation at eye level to get as clear a picture as possible of your private or professional situation.  This helps me understand and assess the situation and gives you the opportunity to get to know me and decide if you feel comfortable. A good connection between coach and client is crucial for the success of the sessions!

The focus of our conversation is solely on your issues, which we address intensively together. Through the coaching you will begin to solve your current challenges independently and sustainably.

Your willingness to work on your goals is the beginning of our collaboration.

I use my competence as a coach and neuroscientist, my perceptiveness and my experience to support you in the best possible way with structural analyses, questions , system constellations and other methods.

The number of sessions needed depends heavily on your needs and can always be decided together on an individual session-by-session basis.