What is it that actually drives us? What is the basis of thought, perception, emotion, memory and consciousness? Do we have free will? These and many other exciting questions are the basis of neurobiology, the attempt to explain the human mind from a biological perspective.

Through my work as a coach and life coach alongside science, I am particularly interested in overlaps between psychotherapy and neuroscience. However, there are fears of contact between the two fields, since they have developed from completely different directions - psychotherapy from the humanities - neuroscience from the natural sciences. However, they complement each other perfectly with their strengths and weaknesses. Besides my great interest in both fields, there are several things I would like to achieve: Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  • To introduce basic concepts of neurobiology to interested people and therapists. I often notice that the interest is there, but that there are certain fears of contact.
  • Counteracting the misuse of neuroscience with education. Again and again neuroscience is misused to pretend credibility and scientificity of products or therapies.
  • To optimize forms of therapy with the help of neurobiology and neuroscientific findings and thus support my clients in the best possible way.